Sunako hata 

Color list, Fashion designer


It is held every year for 35 years since 1966. COLLECTION presents a total environmental art field including not only design but also composition / art, lighting, sound / directing.

Its unique creation and concept expression has received high appreciation from various fields and has won numerous awards.
Until 2008, we held the Spring Summer / Autumn / Winter Hata Sunako Preta Exhibition twice a year, and continued to develop the knit world full of creative colors and imagination unique to Sunako Hata.


1957 Graduated from Faculty of Letters, Kobe College

1965 ~ Became Chairman of the White south wind Company of the foundation corporation and start educating "Fashion and color" (Osaka / Tokyo) Advisor to Toyobo Co., Ltd.

1970 The 14th "Japan Fashion · Editors Club · Award (FEC Award)" with achievements raising Japanese knit to mode and art levelAward

1992 Received the seventh "Wada Sanzo Colors Award", the highest award of Japan, as a multifaceted creative activity contributed to social contribution by color for many years

Title of work / Petite · Mobile of the fur seals ('93 Hata Sunako Collection)
Title of work / Petite · Mobile of the fur seals ('93 Hata Sunako Collection)

1994 8th CS Design Award Experiment Division Gold Prize Winner

1995 Sold as a representative of Japan to the Gwangju Biennale International Art Costume Exhibition. The work is permanently preserved in Gwangju Art Museum. 


Japan Fashion Color Association / Fashion Advisor / JCC CREATOR
Nippon Shikiken Co.Ltd . "Fashion Color Magazine" Edit
Fashion brand "SUNAKO HATA" "Boutique SUNAKO HATA"

Have an intensive course of "fashion / trend analysis" twice a year at Tokyo · Nagoya · Osaka mode Gakuen.


1974 September "Fashionable" Mikasa Shobo

1990 December, Vividly artistic world of Sunako Hata created by threads and colors / work collection "LIVE" published by Nippon Shikiken Business Co., Ltd.



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